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A collection of my best photographs as I work and travel in Thailand

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Thai Pottery
Market stalls lined with pottery filled up this part of the market
Golden Buddha
The golden Buddha image in Wat Traimit broke the Guinness world record for the most valuable religious artifact (or something like that) in the world.
Wat Traimit

The vlog - Chiang Mai, part 1

I’m going to throw up my video blogs on here alongside my photographs. I’m not going to start way back at the beginning, instead I’m going to start with with latest series, a long weekend in Chiang Mai. Enjoy

If you want to check out the older episodes you can find the details in the ‘about me’ section or just click my user name in the ‘uploaded by’ link below the video on YouTube

Wat Traimit sits at the edge of Bangkoks China town. Inside is a fantastic museum about the development of the area, how and why China town grew and evolved. At the end of the walk-through museum are these Chinese lanterns.
School Trip
More Detail
I haven’t really done anything more then write some caption that vaguly describes the picture I’ve put up. So I’m going to start putting in brief explanations about some of the pictures when I can.
We all went on a school trip to Wat Traimit, Bangkok on Thursday. It was ace, and they’ll be lots of pictures coming from that day. Here we have a few of the year three’s sitting on the bus. The girl sitting on her friend, on the left, is one of my favorite students. She isn’t the smartest, she’s about on par with the rest of the class, but she always tries.
Outside of the lessons she always comes up to shake my hand, like most of the students, the usual good morning, how are you, ext, again like most of the students. But she tries to throw in new things that we’d done in the most recent lesson. “Today is Tuesday. Today is very hot. I want to buy an ice cream.” It’s just a pleasure.
She also gives me sour apple sweets. Sometimes I say yes, but when I say no in class, she sneaks them in my bag and I don’t normally notice until I get home.
Carvings on the wall of Wat Traimit, Bangkok
Rolling disaster